Friday night live

Ok, so I decided to get a photo blog. Not sure how it will work out, but we’ll give it a try.

Posts here will be exclusively of and/or about photos – my own pictures, musings, questions and explanations. And any tips I can think of to pass on… 🙂

And for starters, I’m posting a pic from tonight; a live gig with Farbror Sväng where I thought I’d check how well my equipment works for ‘concert photo’. Not sure overall, but I like this one myself.

The idea was to capture some of the interplay between Nicholas, the singer of the band, and Johan, a guest guitarrist who played with them on three songs. The image is edited; I’ve removed an arm from a dancing couple on the left by copying in a piece of a similar picture where the dancers had moved on. I’ve also edited colour and light a little to enhance the people in the foreground and tone down the background.


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