Sharpen for web

I read a while ago about how to sharpen images for web publication. Now I can’t remember where.

The issue was that when you have a nice and sharp digital image in a large format and then save it in jpeg format for web publication, you lose a lot of sharpness due to compression. The article gave tips on how to sharpen the image in Photoshop – seemingly rather extremely – before saving it for web, in order to counter the loss of sharpness in the transition.

I tried it, and then I forgot about it. Now I’d like to try it again, and I can’t find the article.

Anyone out there who can help me with this “recipe for web sharpness”?


4 responses to “Sharpen for web

  1. I found it! It’s on a Swedish site, Moderskeppet, that provides endless tips, tricks and information about Adobe Photoshop: . If you can’t use that link, however, the point is that when you’re done with any editing and have resized the image for the web, then – in Photoshop – use Sharpen -> Unsharp mask and set Amount to somewhere between 200 and 400 percent, Radius to 0,3 pixels and Threshold to 0. Then use Save for web in the File menu. Note that this should be the very last things you do with the image before publishing it on the web.

    The web-optimized settings are Radius and Threshold, you adjust Amount to suit the image.

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