There have been lots of nice comments to the Fototriss post – thanks all 🙂 – some of which touched on the angling bobber and the story it told. Here’s what I know of that ‘story’…

Every now and then, a father and his sons – friends of the family – would arrive at our place with fishing rods and bait and set off for the river bank with hopeful expressions. Eventually, they would return – sometimes excited with a catch of fish dangling, or – sadly, more frequently – with frustrated faces and somewhat bare-looking rods…

When I went down to the river to get my “by water” images, I was hoping for birds or just a nice riverside view, but the first thing that got my attention – and made me laugh out loud – was this:

River view

No wonder those faces looked frustrated... 🙂



4 responses to “Follow-up

    • Ja, jag skrattade i alla fall när jag stod därnere… 🙂 De har inte kommit hit och fiskat så ofta den här sommaren… :mrgreen:

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