Friday Flashback – n:o 2: A poor shot doesn’t have to be all bad!

This week has been a lot about horses, so for today’s flashback theme I was thinking of some old pictures from my pony days – about 25 years ago. Unfortunately they’re all down at mum’s… Actually, all except one, which made the choice easy!

This is admittedly a rather poor shot, photographically speaking. It’s taken from too far away (it shows on the original; it’s been cut down to these poportions), it’s blurry, the depth of field is too large, and the timing is wrong. Personally, however, I love it because it shows my beloved pony Sherry clearing a 90 cm fence with lots of air between her and the obstacle, and she’s not even having to try very hard. She looks fit and relaxed, in spite of being in the middle of the jump.

And the poor quality of the image inspired me to experiment a little…

A ‘technicolorization’ reduces the effects of the bad focus and a gradual white vignette takes emphasis off the background, while producing an image with an old or painted feel, where the lack of details are more acceptable than in an ordinary photo.

Pretty much the same things can be achieved by converting it to black-and-white and adjusting the levels somewhat, as well as adding the same gradual vignette and perhaps a little noise for that old photo feel.

The timing – and hence the pose of the horse – I can’t really do anything about, but since that’s part of the charm of the picture for me it doesn’t matter. For an enlargement, I’d take any of the two last versions over the original, and I think the vividity of the colour version appeals more to my personal perception of the image. In the end, perhaps that’s what counts the most!


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