I’ve been looking for this effect for quite a while, and quite serendipitously found the recipe at the Moderskeppet site (sorry, Swedish only – hey, maybe I should offer my translation services?!) while looking for an entirely different trick… Thank you, Sanna at Moderskeppet!

I have no way of knowing if he uses anything like this method (there have been others who have achieved similar effects with HDR technology, but I can’t afford the proper software right now…), but it can make images look a little like those of photographer Kristofer Lönnå, whose work I rather like. Ok, so it doesn’t work for *every* picture (maybe…), but it’s really cool when it fits the motif!

Apart from doing pretty much as the recipe dictates, I’ve also added a final Film grain filter for extra highlight and a slightly grainy surface to this photo. I like. How do you feel about it? 🙂

Oh, now I have *so* many images to try this on… :mrgreen:


4 responses to “Yay!

  1. Härlig bild! Ser fram emot att få fler proffsiga bilder snart 🙂
    Fast framförallt att få umgås lite 🙂

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  3. The right software doesn’t have to cost a thing if your open for using something else than photoshop. Linux users doesn’t have photoshop and instead, they use different tools, which most are free and open source.

    The good thing is that many of those tools are also available for windows! I’d recommend “gimp” (great tool, similar functionality as photoshop, but different user interface).

    • Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind! Though I *am* rather partial to Photoshop… 🙂 Thanks for the really useful tips, though!

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