Fototriss 159 – Cosy

There’s been less time for gratuitous photography lately, and so I have not participated in photo challenges in a while. This week’s cosy theme on Fototriss, however, reminded me of a picture I’ve been wanting – and trying – to take for ages.

The thing is that one of the cosiest things *I* know is weekend morning lie-ins when the cat joins me under the duvet and lies purring softly, draped over my arm and with his furry little head next to mine on the pillow… and I have so wanted to get a picture of that. Only, being both background and photographer has proven tricky when the model is a cat – particularily if I’ve had to get up to fetch the camera first… As often as not, the cat has then decided that cosy-time is over and proceeded into the kitchen to demand food.

This time, however, with the cat Sunday-morning-co-operative, I managed to get hold of my little Ixus – the EOS is a bit awkward to wield onehanded and backwards while lying down – and snapped away for as long as I dared before I drove the cat off with my incessant flashes… A short ambience-adding session in Photoshop later, a cosy triplet was born! 🙂

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13 responses to “Fototriss 159 – Cosy

  1. Katter är fina och den här är inget undantag. Det ser gosigt ut, men själv skulle jag aldrig våga ha en katt i sängen. Jag är säker på att den skulle klösa mig i ansiktet i något obevakat ögonblick.

    • Haha – ja, jag “toppar” faktiskt hans framklor; inte för att han klöser, men även den kärvänligaste klapp får ett ovälkommet sting av en uppsättning sylvassa kattklor… 🙂

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