Recipe tryout

The Swedish photo and image editing instructional site Moderskeppet has a weekly presentation of so-called Photoshop recipes – easy step-by-step instructions for achieving various effects in Photoshop – and now its author Sanna Lund has published a collection of 30 recipes in a book.

I had to have it, of course.

It offers a wonderful way of acquainting oneself with various functions in Photoshop, and it’s really, really useful as a guide as well as a source of inspiration. It provides a great way of learning by doing, and so it doesn’t necessarily matter that it’s more “how” than “why” – you pick up enough to start experimenting and improvising as you go along!

Enough words, let’s see what an early session with the book led to…

This series was taken with a zoom lens through my kitchen window, and unfortunately the colours of the field behind my house aren’t really optimal for photography at this time of year – and neither was the light. I shot the pics because I wanted to show the owner of the horse how well she was doing at the long-reining session with one of the stable-girls.

To make this a little clearer – and to have some fun myself – I therefore chose a combination of several recipes from the book: a LOMO twist to emphasize the priority of situation over technical quality; a mix of recipes for toning down colours and lifting the motif from the background; and a bit of light leakage just to try it out…

In the end, I feel I got a warm series of pictures with atmosphere and life – pretty much what I was aiming for!


2 responses to “Recipe tryout

  1. Jag bara LÄNGTAR efter att “få tid över”, ja, för den dagen MÅSTE komma, eller? 😮
    Först julen med allt vad DET innebär, och nu totalrenoverar vi köket med start till helgen… Behöver jag tala om att just den där dagen som jag väntar på INTE är här ÄN!? Hehe .

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