Meet Simon! Recipe tryout, part III

I don’t have that much time for photography now, so I remain very happy to have Sanna’s book to incite me to play with pics I already have.

Now I’d like you to meet Simon, who was my experiment last night… 🙂

I started with a black-and-white conversion to give it a bit of ambience, adding a soft sheen to bring focus to the face and eyes.

Then, in order to bring a bit of impact back in, I used a recipe from the book to create bleak colours and higher contrast (similar to this technique).

Also, as I originally thought that the image was in fact ideal for the so-called LOMO effect, I tried it on the original, pretty much straight out of the book.

And after pondering all this for a while, I decided to go one step further still, and applied the LOMO effect to the pale high contrast version as well… I call the combination “the LOCO effect”… 😉

The result was a somewhat startling quartet…

Admittedly, they’re not best viewed together like this, but it’s kind of fun to see how different one can make an image look by just a few quick changes! They’re all different styles – and should all be presented in different contexts to do them justice, I suppose.

But you can always click on the images separately to contemplate each in isolation – and better resolution – for a while. Please do. And please let me know what you think afterwards!


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