Bohemian waxwing

I had to look it up, but that’s some cool name. For one cool bird.

I’ve always loved this bird, although I’ve only seen it briefly once or twice in my life. This was, however, rectified today.

On a slightly aimless photo-walk in the brilliant winter weather, I literally walked straight into a flock of birds feeding off berries at the edge of the copse. I’d been thinking to shoot the berries, and ended up with a full dozen bohemian waxwings as a bonus!

They were really unconcerned with my presence. I could stomp around in the crackling frozen undergrowth to find the best angle without them being bothered at all, and the only downsides were – eventually – fading light and freezing hands…

I wonder if there is any chance at all that they might be back there tomorrow…?


3 responses to “Bohemian waxwing

  1. Of course they didn’t bother about you. The were probably blind drunk.

    Some years ago, in the autumn, a huge number feasted on what was left on our fruit trees. They got… pissed. Trying to fly, bird after bird thumped into our windows, dropped to the ground, sobered up after a while and then had another go… at the fruit as well as at our windows. (The Swedish edition of Wikipedia questions the effects of fermented fruit on the bohemian waxwing, but I know what I’ve seen.)

    So, you were watching a roaring party. No wonder they didn’t care. And you got very good pictures. Next Christmas card?

    • Ah, *that’s* what they were doing! Must have been rather poor drink today though, as they were all at least flying straight and apperently ending up where they intended to go… the berries did look rather desiccated, so maybe they just weren’t up to the birds’ normal standards…

      Thanks for the story πŸ™‚ And for the suggestion – we’ll see what hits the mail-box towards the end of December… πŸ˜‰

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