Fototriss 166 – Here

Another seasonal theme, and today it felt just right. Sometimes, there’s something restful about going out and just catching the world such as it is right now. No pressure, kind of thing.

Nature currently seems a little ambivalent around here. Temperature was around zero, the ground’s half covered with snow, the sun was mostly behind clouds, the ice on the river is half gone, half still there… Sort of nothing definite either way.

The light does a lot for the feeling of spring drawing near, though! And so I offer a touch of brightness – perhaps even playfulness – in my Fototriss today.

(Please click the images for full size!)

You can find more contemporary views at


24 responses to “Fototriss 166 – Here

  1. Think that we do what we can in this season … due to weather and other conditions we take those shots as we can and hopefully they turn out great like your triplet.
    Love the little chubby pony …
    Love it – have a superb week as well.

  2. Lite ljuskänsla, ja visst hade du det! Och tänk att idag hade jag strålande sol – så mycket för att jag tog min triss igår …

    Det ser mysigt ut hos dig!

  3. Ljuset och inte minst hur du lyfter fram den röda respektive gröna färgen gör bilderna helt super. Lekande lätt och bekymmersfri tycks din vackra vintervärld.

  4. Det verkar finnas snö kvar i hela landet! Gillar den sista extra mycket, ser ut som den tänker:blir det bra såhär?:)

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