Looks can deceive…

Glancing at the bathroom wall yesterday, this little bugger caught my eye…

At first, I thought it was a tick. Then, as I watched it (with a kind of horrified fascination) enlarged by my lens-and-extension-tube, I thought of it as some kind of crayfish-spider and wondered a bit guiltily what it said about my bathroom…

Turned out I wasn’t too far off. It’s a pseudoscorpion, or a “clawcrawler” as the Swedish name translates. Nothing scorpion about it really, at least not that humans need to worry about, and as it eats moth larvae, mites, ants and small flies they’re really rather useful to have around. And appparently it has nothing to do with cleanliness – some species of them actually live in (or, I guess, around) books!

Too bad it looked too nasty to live in my bathroom… 😳


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