Snail mail delivery?

I will admit to being somewhat surprised when this dude turned up on a cut off tree-trunk outside my house – not far from where my mailbox used to be… For once, however, I could be fairly sure to be able to get the camera from inside and still find my wildlife model waiting by the time I got back out again…

It’s a Burgundy, or Roman, snail – the edible kind. I decided I wasn’t in that much need of a fancy starter, though, and deposited it among the roses. (Actually, I carried the whole trunk over to the rosebed and left it there; there was no way I was going to be able to pull it off from where it wanted to remain! But an hour later I checked, and the snail had left and was happily settled among the fallen petals and leaves underneath the flowers.)

I looked around, but found no left-behind mail carriers lying around, so I guess it’s just a holiday visit.


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