Fototriss 185 – Here, now

What strikes me about my surroundings right now, is that they exhibit an almost decadent exuberance. The damp heat has everything growing excessively and with a kind of careless abandon, resulting in a slightly chaotic plethora of colours and greenery which suits my ‘free-range’ mind and garden rather well…

As this marks the completion of my first year as a “Fototrisser” (my first ever Fototriss post was last year’s “summer seasonal”, but it never actually made it to the Fototriss site…) I would also like to thank Helena for all the wonderful challenges, and all you fellow trissers for comments and contributions! It really is my favourite photo challenge.

More status reports from around Sweden and abroad can be found at


10 responses to “Fototriss 185 – Here, now

  1. Fina färger sen fick du till slutet bra genom att visa bakgrunden. Skrev lite med om corebollar under din senaste kommentar. Dom går naturligtvis att använda tiil fler övningar.

    • Haha, jo, jag vet 🙂 Jag var väl lite ironisk när jag sa att att bollen som stol skulle *ersätta* träning… 😉

      Men tack för engagemanget! Och kommentaren! 😀

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