The Fantastic Four

Well, apropos old-style imagery…

A few weeks ago, the Motown entertainment singers of the Fantastic Four appeared at an event held for the benefit of Barndiabetesfonden (The Swedish Juvenile Diabetes Foundation). The guys so deserve their name…

In honour of their image I decided to try an old-style finish on some of my favourite shots from the show. (Please do click the images for full resolution!)


They were absolutely brilliant! Watching them, I had the feeling that they really, really enjoy what they’re doing, and that communicates to the audience as well! The further fact that I like the music and that they are seriously good singers – voice artists – just adds to that…

Of course, they were equally good in full colour as well…

If you’re interested in the Fantastic Four – who recently won the world Championships of Performing Arts in Hollywood, USA – visit the founder Robert Haglund’s blog (in Swedish)!

(Oh, ok, so I’m told that the set-up at the Barndiabetesfonden event wasn’t the regular bunch… but I don’t care – they still were great!)


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