Autumn splashes!

So the week’s Fototriss was all in grays, fittingly enough in its ways, but that wasn’t really, visually, what the day looked like to me…

In fact, the day was mainly clear, and full of that strong, deep autumn sunlight that brings out the best in a withdrawing nature. We went mushroom hunting.

The dogs had the run of the forest – Meja and Dixi fitting in well with the autumn palette…

Going back home, we saw a marker for our place from the far side of the river; the tallest fir in the area, which grows at one corner of our lawn… (There’s going to be one or two more shots of that one eventually, it does have one rather interesting characteristic… but that’s for another time… 😉 )

And then I couldn’t resist trying to capture just a few more splashes of colour around the place… having a great time all the while!


7 responses to “Autumn splashes!

  1. Ojjj så fint du fångat hösten! Träden, ängen och den vackra stämmningen vid flodkanten. Lönnen ger ett ståtligt intryck mot det blå. Så lyckliga de fyrbenta vännerna ska vara ute i naturen 🙂 Sprudlande glada nyanser med vacker stämmning.

    • Tack Åke! Jag såg att du hade haft en del att fota själv också… 😉 Det är underbart att få frossa i färg emellanåt!

    • Tack Monika! Vad roligt att du ville se dig omkring – och att du gillade vad du såg! 🙂

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