Flashback Friday (!)

Hah – that was an idea I dropped pretty quickly! But, as it’s Friday (well, it was when I did this…) and I’m reviving old pics, I guess this sorts under that heading.

I’ve been re-considering Eurasian jays. They used to turn up at late autumn/early winter for a day or two, and I did manage to get some shots in a couple of years ago. But last year they didn’t show – or, at least, I never saw them. I might have been working that day…

They’re shy. Very shy. I remember being lucky in that I was already out taking photos that day. I only had to point the camera as I heard their characteristic cries descending on the place but, even so, I never got a shot off unless I stayed well away. Meaning that the resulting pics really weren’t up to star nature photography standards…

With a little work they do, however, make nice ‘painted’ shots! 🙂

That’s acorns and hazel nuts they’ve got hold of. Considering the new bird feeding post, perhaps the acorns could actually be good for something other than littering the lawn…!


2 responses to “Flashback Friday (!)

  1. Men ojj sĂ„ vackra dom Ă€r. SĂ„ fint fĂ„ngade, hĂ€rlig upplevelse;) Super hĂ€rliga bakgrunder till och fĂ€rgerna Ă€r gudomliga. Jag har ett par som besöker mig under vinterhalvĂ„ret, hoppas de dyker upp…

    • Åh, vad roligt! Jag skulle ocksĂ„ gĂ€rna se dem hĂ€r oftare – men i Ă€rlighetens namn kan jag nog vara utan deras lĂ€ten i lĂ€ngden… Jag kanske kan fĂ„ njuta av dina pĂ„ bild istĂ€llet? 😉 Tack för dina fina ord! 🙂

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