Fototriss 194 – one motif; three perspectives

This week’s Fototriss challenges us to shoot only one thing, but to do it in three different ways. It would have been nice to do this outside, using for example different angles to create three entirely different shots of one and the same motif, but it’s been pouring down all day and I had to resign myself to staying indoors with the camera.

In the end, I opted for an idea I’ve tried out a little more seredipitously once before. I took close-ups of one of my orchids. I love those flowers. And it’s amazing how the tiniest shifts in focus and angle can give you a whole different image to play with…

More variations at


20 responses to “Fototriss 194 – one motif; three perspectives

  1. Wow vilka närbilder. Ser ju att det är orkidé, men visst skulle man kunna tro att det är köttätande monsterväxter, mittenfotot ser ut att vara på en tunga som drar in bytet i gapet! Jättebra foton!

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