Photo Art Friday – Still life

This is so much fun! 🙂

This week’s Photo Art Friday (optional) challenge is still life. As with lines, it’s not something I often consider or work with, but that’s what a challenge is for, right?

I did have a couple of shots of an ageing apple, taken some months ago (after seeing some inspirational and amazing photos by jacglenphoto) that I never got around to doing anything about… but as still life shots, I thought I’d give one of them a try for this challenge:

Original shot.

Duplicated with soft light and screen blending modes, water colour filter added, duplicated with high pass filter and hard light blending mode, coarse paper texture added, saturation and intensity adjusted. All work done in PS CS5.

For some reason, still life pretty much equals watercolour in my mind, and I wanted to try out a few new paper textures of mine… so a watercolour it was. And then some…

And that led me to another picture. This one a more recent shot where I personally loved the pose, but which left a little too much to be wished for strictly as a photograph.

Original shot.

“Paintifying” done with a heavily noise reduced layer followed by several layers of soft light blended, low value high pass filtered copies. Then two kinds of paper textures were added using soft light and multiply blending modes, and image was finally adjusted for saturation and intensity.

I know these images are rather low-key edited, but I’m trying not to make the novice’s usual mistake of going absolutely nuts with possibilities… 🙂 plus, a kind of pale serenity seemed right for the theme!

Looking forward to seeing all the other works at


40 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Still life

  1. Oh yes – pale serenity. Understated equals accomplished, in my mind. I have to work at understatment … among other things! 🙂

    • In the words of Hannibal Lecter (with apologies for a potentially flawed memory): “Too much flowers is just vulgar… but *way* too much flowers is perfect!”
      You have to know what you’re doing, and why… 🙂 Personally I feel that when in doubt, hold back… but I’ve not seen any need for you to do that, yet!

      Thanks for the comment – and for the challenge!

    • Thank you – haha, well I see it so often in other contexts, that I’m horrified when I realize I’m as susceptible to it as anyone else, in a less well known setting… 🙂

      And as I said earlier – it ususally turns out a bad idea only if you don’t know what you’re doing and why! 😉

  2. Disse to arbeidene var utrolige lekre! Liker enkelheten i begge, og de dempede fargene. Ble spesielt begeistret for arbeidet med fuglen,- nydelig refleksjon i vannet! Jeg kikker også mye på jacglenphotos flotte arbeider!
    Ha en fin helg:)

    • Tack för de fina orden! Ja, reflektionen var en anledning till att jag själv behöll bilden… jag är glad att du tycker om redigeringen!
      Ha en skön helg, själv 🙂

  3. I loved the texture of the rotting apple. It just lent itself to the processing you added. Beautiful. Valerie

  4. That is the most interest apple ever! You did a great processing job on it. I find myself “going nuts” way too often. I have yet to learn Less is More.

  5. I am enjoying both — I’m a fan of simplicity and a bit of restraint too — and I like that you share your process. I always lose track of mine…;-)

    • Thanks Sherry! Frankly, I lose track too… but as I didn’t actually do all that much on these… plus, it’s not a detailed account of all steps – what with all the trials and errors, the posts would just never end if I did that! 🙂 I still think it’s nice to include a rough outline though, one never knows when one might get a useful tip… 🙂

  6. Nu har jag säkert studerat denna vackra fågelbild mer än 20 gånger, och jag kan fortfarande inte skriva vad jag tycker. Därför att undertecknad fortfarande är stum! Originalet och den redigerade är så otroligt övertygande läcker 🙂 Vilken lycka att få vara ute i moder natur och fånga detta ögonblick!

    • Nu gör du mig stum! Ja, det är ett riktigt häftigt ställe att besöka om man gillar fåglar – precis under inflygningen till Svartåmynningens naturreservat på Östgötaslätten! 🙂
      Tack snälla Åke för dina högt uppskattade ord!

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