Photo Art Friday – Editor’s choice

Frankly, I found this week’s challenge just a wee bit intimidating… if nothing else, I haven’t had the time to build up a ‘proper’ photoart portfolio yet!

The Photo Art Friday challenge of this week – and the year finale to boot – was to hang “your favorite or one of your very favorite pieces of photo-art”… but to my mind, “favourite” is a value relative to context. So it was a good thing for me that Bonnie provided us with a context as well: the work of photoart you would put on the cover of a book.

Now, I do have an idea for a book, eventually. And it just so happened that I was working this week on an image that I feel would be just the one to put on the cover of that particular book… 🙂

So here goes – the editor’s choice for the cover image of the photobiography of Lo, my cat:
It’s a photo collage (yes, they’re all different) that I have then blended with the Kim Klassen texture Revolution.

Or, as I imagine the entire cover:

Have a great weekend – and a great Christmas and New Year, too! And many, many thanks for this wonderful opportunity to learn and to share, Bonnie! 🙂

See more favourites at


37 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Editor’s choice

  1. Apparently you don’t need any more time to build up a portfolio … you did a great book cover. I would buy that book if I saw it on the shelf. I think you outdid yourself 🙂 Love it …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

    • Hahaha – thank you! That is so sweet! Unfortunately, it would be a brief book if that was all there was… 😉 But I shall certainly go forth with the rest of the editing with greater confidence, now!

  2. Lovely! Thank you for showing us how you envision the cover of your book. Your editing choices and the grunge texture are perfect for your collage. Thank you so much for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday, Anna.

  3. Ett collage som skulle passa alldeles utmärkt som framsida på en bok! Underbar serie bilder på din katt – kan tänka mig att hon kan sitta där i fönstret länge och spana ut på fåglarna.

    Glöm inte meddela oss när din bok kommer ut! : D

    • Så väl du känner katten… för visst är det fåglar han hoppas på! Tack för dina ord, och ja – blir det en bok kan jag nog inte låta bli att trumpeta ut det… 😉

  4. I really like the way you have produced an image of your ultimate book cover and you have a great collection of photos of your cat. I wish my cat was still around for me to take photos

    • Thanks – let’s just hope I find some more variation to fill the book with… 🙂
      Sorry to hear you lost your cat… I lost one, but was adopted by this one a year later. Don’t know what I’ll do when he moves on… hopefully we’ll have many years yet, though!

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