First baby-swim photo session

A while ago, Eric’s mother suggested that we might do a photo session when she took Eric for a baby-swim at the local pool. I readily agreed. We set a date, and yesterday was it.

Obviously, I couldn’t get in the water with them (I mean, I want a new camera, but there’s no need to get drastic about it…), but with sensible clothes and a fortunately otherwise deserted baby pool, I could lie flat on my belly at the edge of the pool and as long as I kept a steady grip on my camera and a healthy distance from Eric’s water antics (they primarily consisted of exultant splashing) I think we did a rather decent job of our first pool session!

Some favorites for your viewing pleasure… Eric is just such a delightful child to work with! 🙂






4 responses to “First baby-swim photo session

  1. Anna, these are lovely. I used to take Lily to swimming lessons when she was tiny and a professional photographer came along one day and got in the water with us. I’ve got a beautiful photo of Lily riding on my back, and a great underwater shot (like the Nirvana cover) of dolphin-girl Lily. Get yourself a waterproof camera (expensive)!! There’s a market for this sort of stuff. These photos of smiling happy Eric and smiling happy mum are beautiful, by the way!! Have a good Christmas girl. When are you coming to visit us?

    • Thanks! I’ve enjoyed your adventures so much (I believe Moby has reincarnated in my house, by the way) and I’d love to come visit y’all on Carina! Probably at some point after I’ve saved up to and bought the waterproof camera, then… 😉 When are you sailing over here?
      Have a very merry Christmas and a splendid new year!

  2. Ojj sån härlig unge 🙂 Med min Olympus µ 720 SW hade du kunnat simma under också. Låna den om du vill. Slå på min sida i sök: Olympus Så får du se lite resultat 🙂 Bra jobbat i badhuset!

    • Tack! Coolt med vattentätt! Fast jag tror inte jag skulle våga första gången med nån annans kamera… du kan ge dig tusan på att nåt skulle gå åt skogen… eller sjön… 😛 Faktum är att jag inte hade varit så betjänt av en undervattenskamera för Eric den här gången – han är inte så avancerad i sitt simmande än. Det hade mest blivit ben och magar 🙂 Men det kan ju bli coola bilder, så en dag…! 😀

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