Photo Art Friday – Hardware

I have shown these before… but not these versions, and not in this context.

I actually don’t know if a camera is ‘hardware’ to photography in the same way that a computer is hardware as opposed to the software used to run it, but that’s how I decided to interpret it. And then I focused on the editing rather than on the topic…



It was fairly straightforward, actually. I wanted a vintage look to go with the motif, so I added the pdpa Vintage craquelure texture in a couple of layers with different blending modes to get the effect I wanted, toned the image with a ‘gradient map’ layer, and finally added the original image with a ‘colour’ blending mode at about 50% opacity to bring some of the colour back in.

I love this camera. It’s my dad’s old Hasselblad, a very dear memento of him, and while I don’t use it today, there’s no reason I couldn’t at some future date. To me, that’s real hardware… πŸ™‚

Find more hardware at


31 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Hardware

  1. WOW…. Awesome pictures… I would love to have that kind of camera again πŸ™‚ – and you got the same idea as I? .. Thanks for showing ..

    • Thank you, Mariane! Yes, the Hasselblad is a treasure… And yes, I do believe we thought in similar ways, but with different takes. Isn’t the world of photo art amazing!?

      (Edit: I kept trying to comment on your PAF post, but it kept refusing me… I’ll try again later.)

  2. Great photo. The textures add a graininess that looks like it came from a film camera. Valerie

  3. That IS amazing ‘hardware’ that has stood the test of time. Your editing really adds to the vintage feel – love it!

  4. This is very nice. I think the camera certainly qualifies as “hardware” and your treatment of it with the various textures gives it a vintage feel.

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