Photo Art Friday – Minimalism


Black cat on white snow… seeing that, I couldn’t help but think of this week’s paf theme; minimalism.
I snapped away.

For the editing, I tried out ‘poster edges’ in PS seriously for the first time, and then just added the pdpa Splash of gold texture with a colour tweak to cool it off…




I’m thinking of calling the series “Splashes of cold”… (Sorry, Bonnie – just my joke :))

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for my minimalism in responding to those of you who so kindly commented on my work over the past week… For personal reasons, I have found little time to spend properly appreciating your work, and for this I am sorry. It is my hope that this will not continue to be the case!

More (or less?) minimalism at


48 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Minimalism

    • Thanks Jeanne; I felt that the blue blended in well… and for once it’s not actually my cat πŸ˜‰ – he’s one of the stable cats where I live.

  1. Each one of these is an exceptional piece of minimalist photo art, Anna. You have the magic touch!

    • Wow. Thanks! I’d say what I have is marvellous inspiration and help from pdpa, this challenge, and all its contributors!
      And nice cats around the house πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Ida! I was rather pleased with the colour scheme on offer! Again, I’m interested to see how many single out the *last* picture – it’s the one that almost didn’t make it! Hm… πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you! He is lovely… What really draw me at first – and you can see it in two of the shots – was a wish to show the white, from snow, on the balls of his feet… that’s got to be so cold!

  2. Love your cool black header…that alone is a minimalist shot! Thank you for dropping by my offering….I do agree it is difficult to keep up with comments and appreciation. Don’t be hard on yourself. Well your cat shot is the “cat’s meow1”
    Really love the blue, and poster edges. I agree with Bonnie each photo is very interesting and stands alone. smiles: sharon

  3. so intriguing. I quite like this as a series and I enJOYed knowing more about how you put it all together.

    it is such a lovely thing when we are awake and noticing moments like you did here. how extraordinary that in that moment you were SEEing!!

  4. I absolutely love these…the processing of the beautiful, black kitty against the snow is very striking and beautiful! Your blog is wonderful. πŸ™‚

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