Photo Art Friday – Bamboo Dreams

I liked the opportunity to use this texture, as I have a series of shots that more than one person have said reminds them of ‘oriental art’.

Original image

I don’t know if that’s entirely what we end up with here, but I had this image in my mind of soft pastels and yet clear colours, and I used the texture emphasize that oriental feeling.

_MG_19414_bamboo dream_edge

I used the pdpa Bamboo dreams texture as a background and and layered the birds repeatedly on it using Soft light blending mode every time, softening one or two with a gaussian blur filter. Some hue and brightness adjustments were made, using adjustment layers. I also made a copy of the texture, inverted it, and pushed up the contrast until I could make a separate mask out of the text – I then made a selection of that and filled it with a gold-ish colour.

Ok, that was rather a mouthful… but it might give you an idea… And you’re always welcome to ask if you want me to elaborate! 🙂

Explore more Bamboo dreams at


20 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Bamboo Dreams

  1. This could be a card or calendar! I love how the colors are subtle and the Bamboo texture was the perfect choice!

  2. you lost me in the permuatations Anna but after all that you’ve made such a feather light composite of charm and ingenuity. Love the way the textured script blends into the scene like twirly twigs

  3. sounds like good fun and the outcome is most intriguing. sometimes I need to step away from something and come back with fresh eyes. It is like those things you don’t see until you DO see and then you canNOT NOT see… case in point the FedEx arrow. anyway, I quite love your piece here. it is fresh and gentle like a spring rain. very intrigued by all your DOings with it. thanks so much for sharing them!!

  4. Thank you all so much!

    Obviously, it’s my head that’s been a bit cluttered this week, as you can probably guess from my rambling ‘recipe’… but your words warm my heart and I appreciate them enormously!

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