Photo Art Friday – Connected

From a session with the youngster…


The connection between a human and a horse is neither simple nor necessarily straightforward, but always beautiful when nurtured with respect and mutual understanding…

_MG_30910 _MG_30912 _MG_30952

For this series I have used low-level lighting photos together with Kim Klassen’s texture Return, and a few adjustments to reduce saturation and soften the images.

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42 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Connected

  1. Beautiful! This brings back wonderful memories…connecting me with my youth, when I spent many a summer on a horse ranch and you are so right about that repect and trust between us and the horses.

    • Haha – Thanks, though I’m not sure you needed a prompt for more memories to be brought back… seeing as I understand you have a whole boxful of them to play with right now! πŸ™‚ But I’m glad you connected with my shots, too!

  2. I love horses and so I was captured by your photo image today and it’s softness wouldn’t this make a wonderful card…

  3. Beautiful photos, and my daughter also love her horses with a great passion. This horse is beautiful, and looks alot like on one of hers. What a lovely blog that you have. Photography is also one of my big passions, so think that I will follow along with you and get to know more about your journey!

  4. I can see the young one concentrating there, beautiful…I found working with mistreated horses so rewarding a few years ago, they teach us so much if we listen…

    • Thanks, and I so utterly agree – in an increasingly logocentric society, I find that the ability to connect and to communicate in other ways than words is becoming frighteningly scarce… we should listen more to the (other) animals! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks SueAnn! Yes, the photo session wasn’t about the paf challenge originally, but the more I looked, the more connections I saw… serendipitous photography; my favorite kind πŸ™‚

  5. Beautiful! Your love and respect for horses is evident in your work. I admire the beauty of the horse but am just a tad bit “scared” of them too.

    • They are big animals! But perhaps that’s part of the enchantment… I have a great deal of respect for horses I don’t know (much more now than when I was a kid!) but when you *do* connect, it’s magic…
      Thank you for your kind words!

  6. Anna- These images are rugged yet soft. Glad to connect with you and look forward to seeing more of your contribution at PAF. Bonnie does such a nice job with her prompts.

  7. I am completely mystified by horses, their beauty and power all intertwined leaves me in awe. Nice work with the textures and the lighting!

  8. I love how the concept of “connect” is only hinted at in the first photo, with the horse attached by the long line to someone out of view. I love how the horse is at the far right of the scene leaving so much space in the middle of the picture for our eyes to delight in the lines and textures and soft hues. I love how the horse has been caught in action, contrasting wonderfully with the stillness of the setting. An altogether wonderful photo, to my way of thinking.

    • Wow, thanks Lynne! You know, that’s pretty much exactly the reasons I chose that shot for the main piece, and I’m unspeakably happy that that’s the way you percieve it! It’s not the most conservative shot from the series, and I’m still very much at the stage where it often feels safest to stick to the ‘rules’… but breaking them is what sets your creativity free, I guess. Still, it’s nice to hear that people see what you wanted to do! πŸ˜€

  9. What beautiful photos…and lovely processing. Horses always remind me of my sister, who has loved them since birth and owned one as a teenager. They’re such beautiful creatures…I’m very scared of them but love admiring them from afar! Thank you for sharing.

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