Photo Art Friday – Vintage

From youngster to Grand Old Lady… We have true vintage right next door: Caritsa – a 29-year old Swedish warmblood horse, still going strong (if at her own pace…)!

For this week’s PAF, I let her model for me.


Original shot


I used Bonnie’s pdpa Lost and found texture (flipped horizontally to avoid too much interference with Caritsa’s muzzle…) in several layers for the vintage look. The image of the horse was duplicated and treated with a “Find edges” filter, blended onto the image at 82% Vivid light, to enhance the edges. I have also used a blurred copy of the horse layer in Screen blending mode to soften the image and give it a bit of a sheen.

I ended up with a rather pale image in 11 layers, which I then duplicated, merged, and set the blending mode to Multiply at 64% – a way to heighten the definition a bit, and the effect is adjusted with the opacity.

More vintage variations can be found at


31 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Vintage

    • Her mane is naturally curly! I, too. liked how the ‘Find edges’ effect helped enhance that – so rather than think you stupid, I’m really pleased you noticed! πŸ™‚

  1. this is one of the most BEautimous photographs I have ever seen.

    I love horses though I spent a good long part of my Life afraid of them. Now, long since leaving the fear BEhind, I am entranced by Caritsa. I would love to just stand BEside her and take in the glorious wisdom she clearly possesses.

    and your edits and journey are fascinating.

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  3. I’m absolutely thrilled by the way you make my horse become almost magical! Thank you Anna for letting her become your model. And thanks the rest of you for your kind words about Caritsa.

  4. Thank you all so much! I will give Caritsa most of the credit for just being a wonderful model πŸ™‚ but I am humbled by all your kind words; they mean very much to me!

    For those of you to whom I have yet to return the kindness – it is not due to rudeness on my part, but to life’s persisting in taking different turns than I had planned. Please accept my apologies…

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