Photo Art Friday – Self portrait

An interesting development from last week’s challenge…

This kind of grew out of as little conscious intent as possible – I tried to stick with feelings and hunches and not think too much about it… good excercise! 🙂


The component parts


I used two of my photos and one of my own textures, along with Bonnie’s pdpa Vintage Craquelure and pdpa Dropped Petals textures (though the latter was not used with the b/w version).

For the various versions I’ve simply played with layer compositions and blending modes to change the atmosphere. Kind of fits different moods, to me.





I do love the way Bonnie’s textures lift the colours of an image – if you want them to!

Further self-portrayal can be found in the gallery at


19 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Self portrait

  1. You have created different moods with each edit! I like the feeling of warm light in the last one.

    Hope folks pick up on your tip of getting the mind out of the way and giving the creative unconscious free rein. That’s when we tap into flow and the real artistry emerges – as evidenced here. Thanks Anna.

    • Hope springs eternal… 😉

      Thanks Bonnie, you know that’s why I find these challenges of yours so extra useful; not only are they fun and rewarding, but I can actually feel how much good it does me to excercise that right half of the brain properly! Even if it is hard work sometimes… 🙂

  2. Anna- So nice of you to show your starting point and process. I was lucky to get something posted . Sometimes I remember a bit about how I did things. Which is nice for the next time. You blended your images wonderfully. I think I like the last one best.

    • Thanks Teri! Well, I didn’t remember much of the actual process this time either… but it’s usually much the same but perhaps in a different order! I do try to include it if I’ve discovered some new or particularily useful trick 🙂

      I think the last one is definitely the spring version… 😉 I actually worked towards that until I was happy with my self portrait, then I kind of stepped back and tweaked a few things to create the other versions, but the last one is the ‘full’ version, so to speak.

  3. Oh I like this very much!! It was somewhat similar to an idea I had earlier in the week to DO with Gracie and me as she is as much a part of me as my smile… I think I might still give it a whirl Now that your gorgeous work has re-inspired me!!

    Really enJOYed, too, that you shared the NOT THINKING ABOUT IT TOO MUCH as that is so often the case when we are dealing with ourselves in photos.

    I have found this week’s PAF to BE exceptionally deLIGHTfull as I am getting to know those BEhind the camera in a way that is blowing my own “pictures in my head” out of the water!!

    • Oh, Currie – I try to work on the ‘less thought, more feeling’ approach on so many levels… and PAF is such a great help!

      Thanks for your kind words! I, too, have really enjoyed meeting the people behind the artwork this week – not necessarily their actual faces, but their ideas about how they portray themselves in answer to a challenge like this.

      I hope your head is better, and I look forward to meeting the Gracie part of you! 🙂

  4. Amazing indeed! Each one has been changed to give them a different feeling. Thanks for sharing your process!

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