Photo Art Friday – Shadows and Light

Image components

Image components

Three variants of a shot of Lo in the window.


For portraits, I like the soft natural light that a window provides – it gives such a lovely play between light and shadow. For this first version, I just blended the original image with a soft layer of the kkc texture Felicity.

I then went a little further for the second variant, adding a Water colour filter and an edge enhancement with the Find edges stylize filter as well.


Still seeking something further, I then experimented a little with the pdpa Scratched lens texture and blending modes for the last version.


A little harsher in both light and shadows.

I’m not sure I found what I was looking for, but I did enjoy the excercise!

Find more light and shadow in the virtual showcase at


7 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Shadows and Light

  1. Well, I think you should be sure that you like them. I love the gradual evolving of the final picture. I liked each one as I proceeded through and was quite content when I came to the end … Bravo!

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