I took another walk down by the river today. Pretty much in the river, actually… or on the river-bed at least, as there’s more stones than water right now. I was aiming for the kingfisher nesting area, and I reached it. Not only did I reach it, but as I sat on a rock in the middle of the river below, both kingfishers came out of the woods and flew right past me! They were much too fast for me to catch with my camera, so I just watched them zoom past in their brilliance.

Then my hard work paid off: one of them took pity on me, swung back, and flew up to pose on a bare branch not too far away! Oh frabjous day! I got the camera up and even managed to change a few settings by feel as I waited frantically for the autofocus to be done… and I got it!


Not bad for the first serious attempt, eh? A whole lot better than my one previous “see-that-blue-streak-there?-That’s-it!” result… And now I know where to catch them! 🙂


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