Empty nests

Went kingfisher hunting – for ringing – with the experts again today, but the nest we went to contained nothing but pieces of shell and abandoned eggs. We then went to a nearby nest as well, hoping that they might have tried again there instead, but that was empty. It’s not uncommon this late in the season, but it was still a little sad.

Fortuately, I still have shots from the last round of ringing; a rather more successful event.

10-days-old kingfisher ready for ringing.

Chick at about 18 days of age…

A little later, however, as we [sic] were inspecting and putting holes in a new nest-bank, we heard the cry of a kingfisher over the river. That suggests that there is still a couple around, meaning that they were most likely successful in another nest after all – it just wasn’t in any of those we checked.

Too bad on the ringing, but good to hear they’re still around!


New, custom-built nesting bank…


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