Photo Art Friday – Embrace


My heart!
(Yes, the human is me…)

Embrace more photo art at


19 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Embrace

  1. Well, you are beautiful as is your cat … and the embrace is endearing. I have a friend who recently lost her husband and she told me her male cat now lays beside her in the bed at night and wraps his paws around her neck … you can’t tell me they don’t feel what we are feeling. This was lovely …

    Andrea @ FRom The Sol

    • Thanks, the trick is to get the angle of the phone right (before the cat gets annoyed with the excercise…)… after that, artwork in Photoshop is a breeze! 😉

  2. Ljuvligt! Närheten till husdjur ska inte underskattas. Min ena cocker brukar krypa tätt intill mig och vila huvudet på min axel – det är så mysigt!
    Din bild är väldigt fin! Så innerlig och full av kärlek. Den skulle göra sig bra på en väg..?

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