Photo Art Friday – Opened

Well… the best thing I’ve opened in a long time was something that actually started here, with PAF. So I obviously have to share it with you!


Perhaps you recognize the book on top? 😉

Thing is, it’s a longish story, but I’ve been living this entire year more or less expecting to lose Lo, my cat, any day or week… He means a lot to me, so it’s been tough.

During this time, the wish to get that book together has obviously taken on a new urgency, while at the same time becoming a bit of a monster – I’ve felt like I’ve distanced myself to get pictures, and thinking of paper copies of the cat, when I should just embrace whatever time I have left with the actual, living Lo… Anyways, all part of the process, I guess.

When it all came together, I enjoyed it. I was working with the photos with Lo in front of – or wrapped around – me as often as not, and now it’s such a great feeling to have it done! Now, before he’s gone. Now I can enjoy it (or them, as ‘the book’ turned into two books 🙂 ) with Lo draped across my shoulder, or curled up in the crook of my arm. The memories can become good memories, and when the cat’s gone that’s what the books will remain – good memories. Then they won’t be a too late attempt to bring him back to life in some – any! – form…

Oh well, that’s just to say that without the idea born from a previous PAF challenge, I might not have made it. So thank you, Bonnie, for providing the leg up, and thank you fellow PAFers for the encouragement! And let me repay your kindness with the mild suggestion that if you’re constantly putting off that photo project about a loved one – don’t.

As my sister-in-law would say: Just do it!

(Oh, and the observant visitor will notice that there’s a difference between the envisioned cover and the final result, but that’s because the book in the end took the number 9 as its guiding theme… 9, as in nine lives. Obviously…)

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12 responses to “Photo Art Friday – Opened

  1. Memories are made of this. A lot of love and thought (great 9 lives reference) gone into a memento you will cherish so well-worth doing whilst you still have Lo

  2. Well … I feel a little choked up … first about your love for and tribute to your dear Lo … secondly about how a challenge from PAF prompted such a meaningful project. It’s quite something to think of ways that we can take what seems like simply a creative pastime and morph it into projects (such as this) that will retain memories, warm hearts and hopefully be treasured by generations to come.

    Thank you so much, Anna for this touching post.

    On a personal note, I thank YOU for your appreciation of, and enthusiasm for, the work I’ve put into Photo Art Friday. I think I have wrung a lot of the need to paint out of my system and will be putting more energy into making my blog and PAF in 2014. Encouragement like this really helps solidify the impulse.

  3. A beautiful tribute to Lo. What fond memories you will have as you look through the book, knowing that he was there, close to you, as you finished each page.

  4. Wow, this is so wonderful!! I did a blog in 2012 called 366 Daze of Grace which I intended to make into a perpetual calendar. That is still the plan, but I got sort of sidelined this year with good stuff: giraffes, mainly, and digital fiddling, oh, and moving back cross the country… so Now I am inspired, for the second time today, to roll up my sleeves and put that thing together. or mayBE I will just make a book… so inspiring, really. and gorgeosity too!!

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