Photo Art Friday – A Word for 2014

I don’t really have a Word for 2014…

What I do have, however, is… an attitude, perhaps, or a kind of focus. I don’t really want to put a word to it. But during the last few days of last year I found a few images that, together with Bonnie’s texture pdpa Dear One, hold all of that which I want 2014 to be…




A very happy new year to you all, and may it be all that you wish for it to be!

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8 responses to “Photo Art Friday – A Word for 2014

  1. It is hard to know how you are interpreting these beautiful pictures, but they were certainly able to conjure up thoughts in my mind … probably that would only work for me, but then that is what art is all about, right? A very nice, thought provoking post …

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. Wow, Anna! Exceptional pieces of photo art. That first one looks like an abstract, expressionist painting! These images are full of power, movement, contrast and texture. I hope that 2014 is infused with all of those qualities for you.

  3. Stunning photos and editing is perfect. Wishing you all the best in the coming year.

  4. incredibly dramatic textures! the power of water will drive you on Anna. Happy 2014.

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