Were you ever homeless?


This is Sune. He used to be homeless. He was rescued from the street by the cat shelter Djurens Vänner in Tenhult, Sweden, together with two siblings. One of the others didn’t make it.

Since four years Sune and his sister Silvia live in a loving home with their new human. They are both models for a new project of mine – the Cat Calendar 2016. Not too surprisingly, it’s a calendar in the making for 2016, meant to contain pictures of rescued cats and something of their stories, and produced entirely to benefit cat shelter activity in Sweden.

If you read Swedish, you can find out more about this – and what I look for in a model – at my main website or by following me on facebook!


7 responses to “Were you ever homeless?

  1. Purrfect Christmas gift for my cat-loving friends next year! Please tell me when I can place an order.

    • Oh, and I’d love texts in English as well as a couple of calendars would be sent overseas.

  2. Why not put English in smaller lettering beside the main Swedish text? Maybe even in a less protruding font – although a font-mix could be horrible, but you are the expert in that field. Another solution could be having the stories in English on the last page or two. Think I’ve come across that.

    Couldn’t hope for a dog calendar, I suppose? I know this isn’t the right place to utter such words, but there are people who are not very much in favour of cats out there … Am I in disgrace now?

    • Dog people can do dogs – I do cats. I’ll take your state of grace under consideration… 😉

      We’ll see how the calendar works out, I’ve got a few obstacles to negotiate on the way, I think… One step at a time.

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