A light in the dark

As I hurried out today to catch some daylight in this dark season, a bright spot in the dying greenery caught my eye. I didn’t actually believe it until I was standing but a foot away staring straight at it.

My rose-bush, that withered in the summer draught and never managed to put forth flowers again after the rains came back, had apparently not given up the fight in spite of snow, storms, frost and darkness, because there it was: a single, perfect flower – in November!

To paraphrase sir Terry Pratchett: a tiny “Yes!” in the dark đŸ˜€


4 responses to “A light in the dark

  1. A true beauty, that pale pinkish thing, and excellent camera work, as usual – the way the unfocused dark greenery enhances the delicacy of the flower.

    Late, late flowers, or maybe really beautiful hips, are what make me keep a few roses in my garden, despite their thorns attacking me. The climbing ones are the worst, sending out looong, telescoping I’m sure, target-seeking branches, catching my skin and making it itch for days. It isn’t easy being an allergic gardener.

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