Fototriss 209 – Togetherness

This week offers an extended Fototriss challenge on the theme of togetherness, community, companionship… Outside my kitchen window I have a community of Eurasian tree sparrows, about 50 birds in all, hogging the feeding troughs as best they can, often moving en masse as if the flock is an individual in its own right…

Fascinating – and often amusing – to watch!




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Fototriss 207 – Couples

Not quite my kettle of fish… but as it happened, I spent part of Saturday with someone who has recently adopted a couple of Beauceron dogs. Beautiful, beautiful dogs… 🙂

Hence, allow me to introduce Alizee and Gorm for this week’s Fototriss theme, “Couples”.




And Coolstuff are back this week as sponsors for another competition.

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Fototriss 205 – Close to my heart

I’ve been a rare visitor in the blogosphere for a while, because other things have taken up too much of my time.

This week’s Fototrisss theme, however, asks us to show something close to our hearts, and having just been a little brutally brought face to face with the possibility of losing him a lot earier than I had thought, I have to admit that in some senses there is no one closer to my heart than this little guy…




Helena is once more hosting a competition with this Fototriss challenge and there’s a new sponsor this time; travel agents Ving. Looking at their offered destinations, I realise that I never did get to go to Ireland, although I’ve planned to since I was a child… 🙂

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Fototriss 202 – Sports, leisure and play

Oh, the drab, dreary greyness of this weekend…

Fototriss themed us “Sports, leisure and play” this week, so I took a leisurely stroll out to the sports facilities here to find some horses to play with.

I could hardly see them in the fog.

Although I wanted to be a sport about it, the light was so bad that I decided eventually to go with what I had, and to play around with the shots in Photoshop at my leisure.

A reflection of the mood of the day, perhaps…

_MG_29840 _MG_29841


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Fototriss 200 – Details


Winter has arrived, and the whiteness brings out detail…
Seeds and berries left in stasis, small and still in the winter cold.


Amazing to think that in a few months’ time, these tiny seeds will be the genesis of that explosion of life that we call spring…


… or that, even before that, they may make the differece between life and death…


… as when the land freezes, birds come to feed off the remains of the summer; their means of survival in a sterile land…

Amazing, isn’t it?

This is the 200-challenges-jubilee of Fototriss, celebrated in style with a competition where faithful sponsor Coolstuff has doubled the prizes! That’s a little amazing, too… 😉

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Fototriss 199 – Light

Fototriss is closing in on 200 challenges, and Helena celebrates with a double-feature competition – the first part being on the theme of light. Faithful sponsor Coolstuff is again providing the prizes! (And should I make top three, I am *so* buying a Snug Rug for mum! :))

Watching my feather-weight friends at their dining table today, I was captivated by the subtle quality of the late November light. A little pale and washed out, it still manages to catch and lift colours where it finds them. And yet it seems so fragile – the merest wisp of mist or cloud can mute it all in seconds… A challenge to catch, indeed!

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Fototriss 197 – Movement

This could have been so easy. Which, of course, makes it all that much harder. It’s too easy to become complacent and accept half-measures… and then what’s the point?

These were shot in really bad light, and my personal twist to the challenge was the goal of hitting the right exposure times to get sharp pictures with motion blur in select parts only, without getting too much noise from high ISO or under-exposure. It was occasioned by the release of a new horse into our small herd, and so it was a time-limited opportunity.

Reliable creatures, though; there are definitely times when you can rely on them to show off! 😉
Then what you do with it, photo-wise, is up to you…

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Fototriss 196 – Portals

(Svenskspråkiga besökare är välkomna att kommentera på svenska! Ingen språkångest… 😉 )

Doors, portals, gateways… I’m afraid Helena will look in vain for curly portal decorations and hinges in my triss this week, but I have fodder for a slightly different interpretation.

A shoot out on the flats around here today brought a very handsome tree into focus, and trees have a bit of a history as portals to other dimensions, not least in folklore and mythology.

In the olden days, an old and twisted tree on the outskirts of a village might be said to hold the pains and and illnesses of villagers. By dint of the right ritual, one could presumably move one’s physical problems into the tree. The tree thus became a portal from the physical into the spritual, and offered a doorway through which one could metaphorically kick the demons causing all the trouble…

The tree is also a gateway to other dimensions in some shamanistic cosmologies. The symbolism of roots in the earth and branches stretching towards heaven is not particularily hard to grasp…

… though, of course, at this time of year, popular imagery tends to suggest that there is a rather different direction that a tree might take you, should you be unwary enough to let one get too close…

Happy Halloween, all!

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