Photo Art Friday – Hardware

I have shown these before… but not these versions, and not in this context.

I actually don’t know if a camera is ‘hardware’ to photography in the same way that a computer is hardware as opposed to the software used to run it, but that’s how I decided to interpret it. And then I focused on the editing rather than on the topic…



It was fairly straightforward, actually. I wanted a vintage look to go with the motif, so I added the pdpa Vintage craquelure texture in a couple of layers with different blending modes to get the effect I wanted, toned the image with a ‘gradient map’ layer, and finally added the original image with a ‘colour’ blending mode at about 50% opacity to bring some of the colour back in.

I love this camera. It’s my dad’s old Hasselblad, a very dear memento of him, and while I don’t use it today, there’s no reason I couldn’t at some future date. To me, that’s real hardware… πŸ™‚

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Looks can deceive…

Glancing at the bathroom wall yesterday, this little bugger caught my eye…

At first, I thought it was a tick. Then, as I watched it (with a kind of horrified fascination) enlarged by my lens-and-extension-tube, I thought of it as some kind of crayfish-spider and wondered a bit guiltily what it said about my bathroom…

Turned out I wasn’t too far off. It’s a pseudoscorpion, or a “clawcrawler” as the Swedish name translates. Nothing scorpion about it really, at least not that humans need to worry about, and as it eats moth larvae, mites, ants and small flies they’re really rather useful to have around. And appparently it has nothing to do with cleanliness – some species of them actually live in (or, I guess, around) books!

Too bad it looked too nasty to live in my bathroom… 😳

Whose vole?

By popular demand (mum’s) I’ve agreed to give my stable drama in five parts here on the blog.

WARNING: this series contains images not suitable for all viewers!

No animals were harmed in the production of this series. Admittedly, one animal had been rather severely harmed before it began… it was, however, past caring by the time I started shooting. Photographs.


photoartbyanna proudly presents
Whose vole?

Sotis caught a vole. It is Sotis’s vole.

It’s Sotis’s vole?

It’s Dixi’s vole?

It’s Elliott’s vole?

Well, it is now…