Photo Art Friday – Hardware

I have shown these before… but not these versions, and not in this context.

I actually don’t know if a camera is ‘hardware’ to photography in the same way that a computer is hardware as opposed to the software used to run it, but that’s how I decided to interpret it. And then I focused on the editing rather than on the topic…



It was fairly straightforward, actually. I wanted a vintage look to go with the motif, so I added the pdpa Vintage craquelure texture in a couple of layers with different blending modes to get the effect I wanted, toned the image with a ‘gradient map’ layer, and finally added the original image with a ‘colour’ blending mode at about 50% opacity to bring some of the colour back in.

I love this camera. It’s my dad’s old Hasselblad, a very dear memento of him, and while I don’t use it today, there’s no reason I couldn’t at some future date. To me, that’s real hardware… 🙂

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Photo Art Friday – Still life

This is so much fun! 🙂

This week’s Photo Art Friday (optional) challenge is still life. As with lines, it’s not something I often consider or work with, but that’s what a challenge is for, right?

I did have a couple of shots of an ageing apple, taken some months ago (after seeing some inspirational and amazing photos by jacglenphoto) that I never got around to doing anything about… but as still life shots, I thought I’d give one of them a try for this challenge:

Original shot.

Duplicated with soft light and screen blending modes, water colour filter added, duplicated with high pass filter and hard light blending mode, coarse paper texture added, saturation and intensity adjusted. All work done in PS CS5.

For some reason, still life pretty much equals watercolour in my mind, and I wanted to try out a few new paper textures of mine… so a watercolour it was. And then some…

And that led me to another picture. This one a more recent shot where I personally loved the pose, but which left a little too much to be wished for strictly as a photograph.

Original shot.

“Paintifying” done with a heavily noise reduced layer followed by several layers of soft light blended, low value high pass filtered copies. Then two kinds of paper textures were added using soft light and multiply blending modes, and image was finally adjusted for saturation and intensity.

I know these images are rather low-key edited, but I’m trying not to make the novice’s usual mistake of going absolutely nuts with possibilities… 🙂 plus, a kind of pale serenity seemed right for the theme!

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Fototriss 194 – one motif; three perspectives

This week’s Fototriss challenges us to shoot only one thing, but to do it in three different ways. It would have been nice to do this outside, using for example different angles to create three entirely different shots of one and the same motif, but it’s been pouring down all day and I had to resign myself to staying indoors with the camera.

In the end, I opted for an idea I’ve tried out a little more seredipitously once before. I took close-ups of one of my orchids. I love those flowers. And it’s amazing how the tiniest shifts in focus and angle can give you a whole different image to play with…

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Fototriss 184 – Food, food, food

Oh. My. Dear…

There are so many pictures from this summer that would fit this theme… I’d already decided on my triplet when I realised those roebuck pics fit the theme; he’s in the middle of his food – and ours!… Or those snail pics – the snail’s the edible kind… Or the sunflowers; pollinator food, birdfeed, human food… Or…

But never mind. I’m going to play straight and give you a visual taste of my most significantly summery food this year!

Clench your taste-buds, and enjoy… 😉 Click an image to gain the gallery, and browse using the arrows!

There’s a sandwich-cake for midsummer lunch – and I pity those of my readers who have not yet tasted (my) sandwich-cake…! Then there’s the standard bbq burger – in this case made from locally-grown lamb. And, of course the Strawberry cake. Being born in the middle of summer, this is my annual birthday cake; made the way only mum can make them…

Feeling peckish yet? 😉

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Fototriss 178 – Together

This week’s Fototriss is “Together” in honour of the Swedish Cancer Foundation’s drive to beat cancer.

In an unrelated context, I did a session with my favourite photo model today, but thought that these might fit the theme…

And since I work for a charity organisation myself, I would also like to point out that yes, a regular monthly contribution – however small – is a lot more effective than larger one-off payments, as it requires so much less administration and allows for more long-term planning. So, whatever your chosen cause, remember that you can, really, make a difference!

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4U2’s photo challenge IV: Figures – shapes

Another photo challenge – another opportunity to practice! Again, an excellent chance to explore the new lens. And that was interesting! I started out with a totally different idea (snaps of wine pouring into a glass) but soon gave that up (I didn’t have *that* much wine!) and started fiddling about with stuff that was lying around instead … The theme is figures and shapes.

I always did like those shapes…

And, in the interest of exploring the new lens, I should add that this has not been ‘sepiad’; it’s an interesting side-effect that when I underexpose by not using the flash but manage anyway with the largest aperture, the predominant light is reddish yellow. Even when the image is ‘lifted’ afterwards, it retains a natural sepia tone. Useful…

More figures and shapes can be found at 4U2’s photo challenge!