A new model

I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to another model in the less-than-a-year age bracket; Emil. Friends of my favourite poser Eric’s parents had seen some of the work I’ve done for them, and asked if I would do a session with their youngest as well. Of course I would!

We worked for about an hour and they got 25 nice shots out of it. I just thought I’d show off three of my personal favourites here 🙂




The trouble with working with children as small as this (as well as with animals a lot of the time…) is that you can’t direct them much. The glorious bit is that they are so utterly unconcerned with the camera! The challenge is to catch the personality as and when it appears…

First baby-swim photo session

A while ago, Eric’s mother suggested that we might do a photo session when she took Eric for a baby-swim at the local pool. I readily agreed. We set a date, and yesterday was it.

Obviously, I couldn’t get in the water with them (I mean, I want a new camera, but there’s no need to get drastic about it…), but with sensible clothes and a fortunately otherwise deserted baby pool, I could lie flat on my belly at the edge of the pool and as long as I kept a steady grip on my camera and a healthy distance from Eric’s water antics (they primarily consisted of exultant splashing) I think we did a rather decent job of our first pool session!

Some favorites for your viewing pleasure… Eric is just such a delightful child to work with! 🙂





I like…

…photo-sessions with Eric!

Today was another of my bi-monthly photo-shoots with my favourite model, Eric, and I like everything about them! The main protagonist, his parents, our time together, and going through the results afterwards…

So, a trio of shots from Saturday’s session seemed appropriate for this week’s Fototriss – but I’m afraid I went with the birds after all! They’re more kind of… personal.

These shots still deserve a viewing, though! However – if you want to comment (which I appreciate!) please don’t tell me I should have entered these for the competition instead – even if you think so. It’s too late to change now, and it’ll just give me regrets… 🙂

Happy baby!

I’ve had another session wih Eric, and am again amazed at his wonderfully positive attitude towards the camera!


As ususal, the session was focused on the latest developments – to the extent that Eric chose to exhibit them. This time, learning to advance on all fours was one of them. It sure takes concentration and effort, though…

I’m sure that determination is going to take you through anything adversary life has to offer, Eric… 🙂

That tacky part-colour effect…

I read a little while ago that converting an image to black-and-white but leaving just a detail in colour is the epitome of tackiness these days… In a sense, I agree – to the extent that no effect retains its singularity in the long run, but as with all effects it might still have its use if the context is right. As long as one uses it for a purpose, and not just for the sake of the effect in itself.

Well, you can judge for yourselves – I thought it had a certain (ok, fairly traditional) justification here…:)

As always – please click images for full appreciation!

And as always – thanks to Eric for posing so sweetly! 😉

Fototriss 178 – Together

This week’s Fototriss is “Together” in honour of the Swedish Cancer Foundation’s drive to beat cancer.

In an unrelated context, I did a session with my favourite photo model today, but thought that these might fit the theme…

And since I work for a charity organisation myself, I would also like to point out that yes, a regular monthly contribution – however small – is a lot more effective than larger one-off payments, as it requires so much less administration and allows for more long-term planning. So, whatever your chosen cause, remember that you can, really, make a difference!

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