It’s been so long since my last post that I don’t think I’ll even try to recapitulate in words… Instead, I give you a photo-bomb that pretty much covers the entire time! So sit back, relax, and scroll on…




















The cat models

I’ve mentioned the cat calendar I’m working on, and I’ve had a few photo sessions for it by now. Obviously, I want to save the intended calendar shots for later, but I’d like to introduce some of my models nonetheless!




Meeting these cats – be they shy or affectionate – makes me think it’s a good thing I have Lo, who doesn’t want to share me. If I didn’t, with all the space and peace available around here, and all the abandoned cats available out there, I’d be a fully fledged crazy cat lady by now.

It’s only a matter of time…

Were you ever homeless?


This is Sune. He used to be homeless. He was rescued from the street by the cat shelter Djurens Vänner in Tenhult, Sweden, together with two siblings. One of the others didn’t make it.

Since four years Sune and his sister Silvia live in a loving home with their new human. They are both models for a new project of mine – the Cat Calendar 2016. Not too surprisingly, it’s a calendar in the making for 2016, meant to contain pictures of rescued cats and something of their stories, and produced entirely to benefit cat shelter activity in Sweden.

If you read Swedish, you can find out more about this – and what I look for in a model – at my main website or by following me on facebook!

A new model

I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to another model in the less-than-a-year age bracket; Emil. Friends of my favourite poser Eric’s parents had seen some of the work I’ve done for them, and asked if I would do a session with their youngest as well. Of course I would!

We worked for about an hour and they got 25 nice shots out of it. I just thought I’d show off three of my personal favourites here 🙂




The trouble with working with children as small as this (as well as with animals a lot of the time…) is that you can’t direct them much. The glorious bit is that they are so utterly unconcerned with the camera! The challenge is to catch the personality as and when it appears…

Photo Art Friday – Brown Rice Paper

Well, it’s not brown in my version because I was looking for a little more… drama…
It also wasn’t on time for the PAF showcasing… but I’ll leave it in anyway 🙂


This is one in a series, really, though I haven’t quite decided what to do with them, or if they should all be edited in the same way.

For this, I’ve really used a double edit, as I had already settled on an Instagram Earlybird style editing (actually done in Photoshop for better quality) with an added papery texture for the original htc shot. Seeing the pdpa Brown Rice Paper texture challenge, I decided to go a little further and turned it black-and-white, gave it a Watercolour filter treatment, and added the green channel of the texture (as grayscale) in two layers – one at Hard Light mode (50%) and one at Colour Burn (64%).

Sorry for the long silence, hopefully it’ll all be improving from now on 🙂

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