Photo Art Friday – Connected

From a session with the youngster…


The connection between a human and a horse is neither simple nor necessarily straightforward, but always beautiful when nurtured with respect and mutual understanding…

_MG_30910 _MG_30912 _MG_30952

For this series I have used low-level lighting photos together with Kim Klassen’s texture Return, and a few adjustments to reduce saturation and soften the images.

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First baby-swim photo session

A while ago, Eric’s mother suggested that we might do a photo session when she took Eric for a baby-swim at the local pool. I readily agreed. We set a date, and yesterday was it.

Obviously, I couldn’t get in the water with them (I mean, I want a new camera, but there’s no need to get drastic about it…), but with sensible clothes and a fortunately otherwise deserted baby pool, I could lie flat on my belly at the edge of the pool and as long as I kept a steady grip on my camera and a healthy distance from Eric’s water antics (they primarily consisted of exultant splashing) I think we did a rather decent job of our first pool session!

Some favorites for your viewing pleasure… Eric is just such a delightful child to work with! 🙂





Fototriss 180 – Old

Thanks for any and all votes in the competition last week – I enjoyed the ride and congratulate the winners!

For this week’s theme, I admit the shots are new, and the experience is new to (most of) the young couples involved, but the tradition is old. And the forms are even older… So here are pictures from the abiturient ball in Linköping, 2 June 2012 – a little styled, the better to suit the theme… 🙂

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Fototriss 159 – Cosy

There’s been less time for gratuitous photography lately, and so I have not participated in photo challenges in a while. This week’s cosy theme on Fototriss, however, reminded me of a picture I’ve been wanting – and trying – to take for ages.

The thing is that one of the cosiest things *I* know is weekend morning lie-ins when the cat joins me under the duvet and lies purring softly, draped over my arm and with his furry little head next to mine on the pillow… and I have so wanted to get a picture of that. Only, being both background and photographer has proven tricky when the model is a cat – particularily if I’ve had to get up to fetch the camera first… As often as not, the cat has then decided that cosy-time is over and proceeded into the kitchen to demand food.

This time, however, with the cat Sunday-morning-co-operative, I managed to get hold of my little Ixus – the EOS is a bit awkward to wield onehanded and backwards while lying down – and snapped away for as long as I dared before I drove the cat off with my incessant flashes… A short ambience-adding session in Photoshop later, a cosy triplet was born! 🙂

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Family fun

It’s been quiet here for a while, but a few weeks ago I was engaged to take a number of pictures for a family of four. Partly, they wanted shots for their Christmas cards, partly they just wanted shots of the family without losing one of themselves behind the camera.

We had a brilliant couple of sessions, and I’ve had quite a lot of fun going through the pics since. So, here’s a little taster for you! 😉

(I’ve not included any of the X-mas card candidates, as I don’t want to spoil their surprise…)