For C

This summer, I promised Caritsa’s owner, C, a portrait of her horse. It was a little difficult, because Caritsa was an old horse, a little tired, and not to stay with us for very much longer. I talked a little with C about it, and she said yes, perhaps something that accepted the old and the gray… showing Caritsa as she was, and saw the beauty in that.

Piece of cake… 😛

It took longer than I’d expected, because there was something missing in the shots I ended up with… and it wasn’t until yesterday that I saw a possible way to deal with that.

I hope it’s not too dark for you, C!


Photo Art Friday – Ethereal

Photo Art Friday is back! 😀 If a little less frequently than before. At this time of year, that is probably a good thing, though; those who follow this blog will have noticed that finding the time to spend at the computer is rather hard for me these days… there’s just too much to do outdoors!

Anyhow, for this round’s theme – dreamy or ethereal – I prepared my Sleipnir version of the Original Norwegian some time ago. I was going to bolster my submission with more soft and dreamy photo-art pieces from the stacks of shots I’ve been hoarding over the last few weeks (there’s no shortage of pics – just the time to edit them…) but… I haven’t quite got around to preparing them.

Silver/Sleipnir will get his spot, though. So, with a cheers to all you photo artists, and particularily to Bonnie who arranges it all for us, I introduce my solution to the conundrum of the eight-legged horse!


Perhaps more unreal than ethereal… but there you go.

Thanks to Bonnie for the Vellum texture!

Sample more dreamy works of art at


Well, I had plans for great things here – for my 200th post on this blog – and then technology came and derailed all my hard work… Uh, not really, but I kind of lost focus for a bit.

Anyways! I have an image I’m really quite pleased with for this celebratory post… it’s a remake of the Powerful Norwegian (and it would have made a very nice Photo Art Friday contribution, but I never was very patient when I have an image I like…)

So, in honour of my 200th post, I give you the Original Norwegian… Silver! Isn’t he magnificent?


(I actually tried out a version where he got eight legs, I was going to call it ‘Sleipner’, but frankly the anatomy of it bothered me… and then, as I said, technology cut my patience short… 😛 )

Thanks to Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art for the Vellum texture!

Photo Art Friday – Vintage

From youngster to Grand Old Lady… We have true vintage right next door: Caritsa – a 29-year old Swedish warmblood horse, still going strong (if at her own pace…)!

For this week’s PAF, I let her model for me.


Original shot


I used Bonnie’s pdpa Lost and found texture (flipped horizontally to avoid too much interference with Caritsa’s muzzle…) in several layers for the vintage look. The image of the horse was duplicated and treated with a “Find edges” filter, blended onto the image at 82% Vivid light, to enhance the edges. I have also used a blurred copy of the horse layer in Screen blending mode to soften the image and give it a bit of a sheen.

I ended up with a rather pale image in 11 layers, which I then duplicated, merged, and set the blending mode to Multiply at 64% – a way to heighten the definition a bit, and the effect is adjusted with the opacity.

More vintage variations can be found at