The perfect spot

As the rain fell rather drearily outside, I was a little surprised when the cat went out the door – and didn’t come straight back in. Peeking out, I realised that he was making the most of our little roofed porch, lying snugly on the fleece I keep on one of the seats and watching the birds at the feeder, safe from the drizzle. I went in to fetch the camera.

As I came sneaking out low to catch this, however…


“Hey, what are you doing down there? Hmm…”


“Now, let’s see…”


“Yep, much better, thanks. Perfect spot!”

Exercises for plucky dogs

This is Meja.
Today she is going to show us some exercises we can do with a human and a very long stick.
First, we warm up with a little tug-o-war.
This strengthens your jaws, neck and back wonderfully!
Then we do a precision exercise; lungeing your human. Make sure to keep her running in a smooth circle and at an even pace.
This is good for balance and legs. Remember not to clench your jaw too tightly, as you may stress your human!
Moving on then to the high jumps, a popular exercise for most dogs!
Excellent exercise for lower back and hind legs. Just get your human to keep the stick high enough; you want to work those muscles well!
And finally…
… don’t forget to stretch!
Well, that’s all from Meja today. And remember: once you’re done, you can always use the stick for a good chew!

(Thanks, of course, to Meja’s human, Maria, who assisted in these exercises…)

First kingfisher expedition!

It was a while ago now… but obviously I brought my camera along as we were out hunting for the kingfisher with the pros, and while I really didn’t get any bird shots worth mentioning, it got plenty of shots from a very nice day out!

Just click on a thumbnail to browse through the gallery.

Thanks to Stefan, Arne and Elisabet for the guiding!