Fototriss 177 – New

This week’s Fototriss theme is “New”, and I hope these are fairly self-explaining… But perhaps I could add a dimension by mentioning that the emerging plant in the first image is is the promise of my having home-grown new potatoes eventually, and the rose plant in the other two shots is of the variety New Dawn… 🙂

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Fototriss 169 – Spotted

Oh dear, it’ll have to be more birds…

Archival, admittedly, but on this topic I couldn’t refuse them.

These are spotted flycatchers who nested right next to my neighbours’ back door last summer. I took ruthless advantage of that…(1)

I miss summer!



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(1): No spotted flycatchers were harmed in the production of this Fototriss – though I admit they were sometimes annoyed…

Fototriss 168 – Schlager, glitter and glamour

In anticipation of the Swedish qualifiers for the Eurovision Song Contest, Fototriss in cooperation with Svenska Spel announces a Schlager festival (as it’s known in Sweden) Fototriss competition. With a fitting theme – or three – of course…

Personally, I feel that country living cast its glamour over me a long time ago, and the singing competitions I enjoy the most tend to come from rural residents rather than from the schlager scene…

So without further ado, I suggest to you the glittering voices of Mr. Linnet, Mr. Bluetit, and Ms. Nuthatch in homage to spring (and possibly to the Schlager festival…)!

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4U2’s photo challenge IV: Figures – shapes

Another photo challenge – another opportunity to practice! Again, an excellent chance to explore the new lens. And that was interesting! I started out with a totally different idea (snaps of wine pouring into a glass) but soon gave that up (I didn’t have *that* much wine!) and started fiddling about with stuff that was lying around instead … The theme is figures and shapes.

I always did like those shapes…

And, in the interest of exploring the new lens, I should add that this has not been ‘sepiad’; it’s an interesting side-effect that when I underexpose by not using the flash but manage anyway with the largest aperture, the predominant light is reddish yellow. Even when the image is ‘lifted’ afterwards, it retains a natural sepia tone. Useful…

More figures and shapes can be found at 4U2’s photo challenge!