New beginnings…

And so it’s been a long time again… My former blog was called “The intermittent blog” – a name I sometimes feel I should have kept… 🙂

But I digress.

I haven’t been idle, I’ve just not found the time for blogging – though some shots have appeared on Facebook, and quite a few perhaps more mundane things have been posted via Instagram  – @hagafotografen – (lovely, fast publishing tool…).

And some ideas, one in particular, has been slowly simmering away in the privacy of my brain – and camera. Now, however, I’ve committed to pursuing it a little more officially, and hence – return to the blogosphere!

Actually, I’m not going to talk all about it. I’m just going to post a couple of shots that represent, in a way, my first efforts in a for me unusually long and long-termed photoart project… And so, the nervous question that at some time or other must enter every budding artist’s public communication… do you like?


The perfect spot

As the rain fell rather drearily outside, I was a little surprised when the cat went out the door – and didn’t come straight back in. Peeking out, I realised that he was making the most of our little roofed porch, lying snugly on the fleece I keep on one of the seats and watching the birds at the feeder, safe from the drizzle. I went in to fetch the camera.

As I came sneaking out low to catch this, however…


“Hey, what are you doing down there? Hmm…”


“Now, let’s see…”


“Yep, much better, thanks. Perfect spot!”

I know it’s late…

… for all you foreigners… but here in Sweden, it’s Hallowe’en today! I think… anyways, today was the day I got off work early and had time to carve my (homegrown! Thank you Maria!) pumpkin, so tonight is the night I’ll let it shine…

Happy Hallowe’en, y’all!


(Texturized with gorgeous pdpa Wicked, of course… thanks Bonnie!)

Photo Art Friday – Signed and Sealed

This took a while, but I’ve been down with a terrible cold…

I found this texture lovely, but very challenging to work with. In the end, it kind of solved a problem I’ve been having…

For this, I used two photographs:

The first was actually taken with the idea of turning it into a “Phoenix rising” kind of image, but I’d got stuck. With the second photo, I got a counter-point I could use, and the pdpa texture Signed and sealed added an aura of legend that seemed fitting.

They were merged in Photoshop with Hard light, Multiply, and Colour burn blending modes.

Originally, I had quite a different candidate for this challenge:

For this, I just wanted that soft, pale feeling. In the end, though, it just didn’t seem to say anything more than “cute cat with nice texture”… Perhaps I should have added a papery texture at the end to smooth it off…

Tricky texture, but powerful for the right motif! 🙂

Fototriss 199 – Light

Fototriss is closing in on 200 challenges, and Helena celebrates with a double-feature competition – the first part being on the theme of light. Faithful sponsor Coolstuff is again providing the prizes! (And should I make top three, I am *so* buying a Snug Rug for mum! :))

Watching my feather-weight friends at their dining table today, I was captivated by the subtle quality of the late November light. A little pale and washed out, it still manages to catch and lift colours where it finds them. And yet it seems so fragile – the merest wisp of mist or cloud can mute it all in seconds… A challenge to catch, indeed!

More November light at

Fototriss 197 – Movement

This could have been so easy. Which, of course, makes it all that much harder. It’s too easy to become complacent and accept half-measures… and then what’s the point?

These were shot in really bad light, and my personal twist to the challenge was the goal of hitting the right exposure times to get sharp pictures with motion blur in select parts only, without getting too much noise from high ISO or under-exposure. It was occasioned by the release of a new horse into our small herd, and so it was a time-limited opportunity.

Reliable creatures, though; there are definitely times when you can rely on them to show off! 😉
Then what you do with it, photo-wise, is up to you…

More movement at

Photo Art Friday – Lines

By way of fellow Fototrisser Anki-itte I found my way to another photo challenge, called Photo Art Friday. Considering the blog-name I use, I couldn’t very well refuse…

I hope this will be a wonderful excuse to play unreservedly with images and imagery, and to gain new insights and a wider experience from sharing and engaging with like-minded others!

So. First out is the topic of Lines. Not normally my preferred kettle of fish, but then I had a couple of pictures, newly taken, that fit right into that category… And I had the inspiration of site Pixel Dust Photo Art, where admin Bonnie hosts the challenge.

Time to play…

(Please click images for best view (at 100%).)

I use noise reduction in Camera raw to create a slightly “painted” feeling, and the resulting images have been merged with my own canvas and terracotta textures respectively. The former was also merged with the colouring of a “Painterly” texture from Pixel Dust Photo Art – thanks Bonnie! 🙂 I then used layers and blending options in Photoshop (hard and soft light, screen, colour burn) to create the contrast and light I wanted, and some adjustment layers and filters to reduce saturation and enhance detail (high pass).

The second image was electronically double exposed using a horisontally flipped extra layer to create the somewhat chaotic mirror shadow. I thought it jarred nicely with my vaguely uneasy feelings about the whole thing… 😉

See more photo art at