Photo Art Friday – ‘Abstract’ challenge

Being rather literal-minded myself, abstract art often seems beyond my comprehension. Still, there would be no challenge if it didn’t make you think in new ways! Maybe I’ll never figure it out anyway, but at least I got to have a bit of fun on the way. As Bonnie said:

“We each have the experience we have and must start there. [… Progress] only happens if you are willing to begin … willing to be a beginner … willing to share your steps as a beginner … and willing to be proud of the courage it takes to begin!

Have fun!!!”

So I did 🙂

I started out with a shot of oak branches, because the patterns they make against the sky always fascinates me.



I added an unknown number of layers of the pdpa Dropped Petals texture, wanting to contrast the squares of the texture with the flowing lines of the tree branches. Then I added the pdpa Painterly texture, saved a separate selection for each of the squares in Dropped Petals, and used the selections to divide Painterly into as many separate layers. Then I went nuts on the blending modes…
Finally, I added a totally unrelated square to the upper left and inverted that because I wanted a different splash of colour as well…

Then I felt that I wanted to do something a little less… exuberant as well… One of the shots from my latest ‘dog session’ was chosen.



Here, too, I wanted to play with the squares (abstraction may be beyond me, but I do like geometrical shapes 😉 …). In this case I added Dropped Petals and the pdpa Brown Rice Paper texture – much to mute the colours a bit and get a bit of a vignette – and then picked two of the ‘Petals’ squares to dislodge a bit… A little shading, and in the end a merging with a ‘charcoal and chalk’ filtered version as well, and I was kind of pleased with it…

Thanks Bonnie for providing us with so much fun!

I’m now hoping to get to learn a lot about abstract art at


Fototriss 207 – Couples

Not quite my kettle of fish… but as it happened, I spent part of Saturday with someone who has recently adopted a couple of Beauceron dogs. Beautiful, beautiful dogs… 🙂

Hence, allow me to introduce Alizee and Gorm for this week’s Fototriss theme, “Couples”.




And Coolstuff are back this week as sponsors for another competition.

See more couples at