Fototrisss 193 – Here, now

It’s time for the seasonal theme again, and autumn is providing plenty of photo opportunities filled with colours and light!

I’m not going to do autumn leaves, though. I’m just going to give you the view out of my window, instead…

Watch this space for more bird shots throughout winter – those birds are hilarious!

For now, you can access more aspects of autumn at

And we’re off!

At our place, the bird-feeding season has officially begun!

In preparation for this winter’s efforts, I have not only approached Slåttergubben (Swedish only) – a local provider of organically produced bird-feed – with a potential deal of pics for a disount. I have also erected a new feeding post close to the shelter of a caragana bush – and, incidentally, rather close to my kitchen window as well… – and polished the windows carefully… 🙂

All in the happy anticipation of plenty of nice opportunities for up close and personal bird photography!