There’s been plenty of spring-time variety at the bird-feeding today!

The long-tailed bushtits have become regulars…


…along with the blackbirds and the great tits…


…but the siskins (left…) were new customers today!


The tree sparrows and the woodpeckers are returning customers as well…


… as are the bluetits and the coal tits…


… and… oh! Oops…


Well, there’s plenty for everyone! 🙂

Winter ambivalence

It’s cold and it’s dark, but there are also brilliant days, and even when overcast or snowing there is a particular light to the short days…



_MG_41530 _MG_41411




There’s always beauty, even at the darkest of times… 🙂

Fototriss 209 – Togetherness

This week offers an extended Fototriss challenge on the theme of togetherness, community, companionship… Outside my kitchen window I have a community of Eurasian tree sparrows, about 50 birds in all, hogging the feeding troughs as best they can, often moving en masse as if the flock is an individual in its own right…

Fascinating – and often amusing – to watch!




For more companionship, visit

Sunday shots

I was a little sad that last weekend didn’t offer more in the way of brilliant light and crisp winter photo opportunities, but I did a little round with the camera on Sunday anyway. It’s such a drag that the days are still not long enough to allow for daylight photography outside on work days… and no, early mornings are not an option! 😉

Slightly muted winter feelings all around on Sunday…






The dog’s name is Meja and she’s one of my neighbours. The tree sparrows have yet to tell me their names…

Photo Art Friday – Signed and Sealed

This took a while, but I’ve been down with a terrible cold…

I found this texture lovely, but very challenging to work with. In the end, it kind of solved a problem I’ve been having…

For this, I used two photographs:

The first was actually taken with the idea of turning it into a “Phoenix rising” kind of image, but I’d got stuck. With the second photo, I got a counter-point I could use, and the pdpa texture Signed and sealed added an aura of legend that seemed fitting.

They were merged in Photoshop with Hard light, Multiply, and Colour burn blending modes.

Originally, I had quite a different candidate for this challenge:

For this, I just wanted that soft, pale feeling. In the end, though, it just didn’t seem to say anything more than “cute cat with nice texture”… Perhaps I should have added a papery texture at the end to smooth it off…

Tricky texture, but powerful for the right motif! 🙂

Happiness is an organic sunflower-seed…

The bird-feeding has been in full swing around here (if anyone had missed that), and I am now happy to be able to provide organically grown sunflower-seeds from my local producer. And the birds love them…

For a fuller exposé, please visit the gallery October birds.

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