Fototriss 209 – Togetherness

This week offers an extended Fototriss challenge on the theme of togetherness, community, companionship… Outside my kitchen window I have a community of Eurasian tree sparrows, about 50 birds in all, hogging the feeding troughs as best they can, often moving en masse as if the flock is an individual in its own right…

Fascinating – and often amusing – to watch!




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Fototriss 207 – Couples

Not quite my kettle of fish… but as it happened, I spent part of Saturday with someone who has recently adopted a couple of Beauceron dogs. Beautiful, beautiful dogs… 🙂

Hence, allow me to introduce Alizee and Gorm for this week’s Fototriss theme, “Couples”.




And Coolstuff are back this week as sponsors for another competition.

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Fototriss 205 – Close to my heart

I’ve been a rare visitor in the blogosphere for a while, because other things have taken up too much of my time.

This week’s Fototrisss theme, however, asks us to show something close to our hearts, and having just been a little brutally brought face to face with the possibility of losing him a lot earier than I had thought, I have to admit that in some senses there is no one closer to my heart than this little guy…




Helena is once more hosting a competition with this Fototriss challenge and there’s a new sponsor this time; travel agents Ving. Looking at their offered destinations, I realise that I never did get to go to Ireland, although I’ve planned to since I was a child… 🙂

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Fototriss 202 – Sports, leisure and play

Oh, the drab, dreary greyness of this weekend…

Fototriss themed us “Sports, leisure and play” this week, so I took a leisurely stroll out to the sports facilities here to find some horses to play with.

I could hardly see them in the fog.

Although I wanted to be a sport about it, the light was so bad that I decided eventually to go with what I had, and to play around with the shots in Photoshop at my leisure.

A reflection of the mood of the day, perhaps…

_MG_29840 _MG_29841


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Fototriss 199 – Light

Fototriss is closing in on 200 challenges, and Helena celebrates with a double-feature competition – the first part being on the theme of light. Faithful sponsor Coolstuff is again providing the prizes! (And should I make top three, I am *so* buying a Snug Rug for mum! :))

Watching my feather-weight friends at their dining table today, I was captivated by the subtle quality of the late November light. A little pale and washed out, it still manages to catch and lift colours where it finds them. And yet it seems so fragile – the merest wisp of mist or cloud can mute it all in seconds… A challenge to catch, indeed!

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Fototriss 195 – I like…

… birds!

I like listening to them and I like watching them; and I like helping them prepare for winter.

Incidentally, I also like that their hunger provides me with many nice photo-opportunities on a sunny Sunday afternoon! You see, I like to photograph them as well, in case anyone had missed that little fact… 🙂

Please click for full detail!

Obviously, I also like Coolstuff, who very kindly sponsors a competition this week, held apropos the upcoming Father’s Day here in Sweden.

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I like…

…photo-sessions with Eric!

Today was another of my bi-monthly photo-shoots with my favourite model, Eric, and I like everything about them! The main protagonist, his parents, our time together, and going through the results afterwards…

So, a trio of shots from Saturday’s session seemed appropriate for this week’s Fototriss – but I’m afraid I went with the birds after all! They’re more kind of… personal.

These shots still deserve a viewing, though! However – if you want to comment (which I appreciate!) please don’t tell me I should have entered these for the competition instead – even if you think so. It’s too late to change now, and it’ll just give me regrets… 🙂

Fototriss 194 – one motif; three perspectives

This week’s Fototriss challenges us to shoot only one thing, but to do it in three different ways. It would have been nice to do this outside, using for example different angles to create three entirely different shots of one and the same motif, but it’s been pouring down all day and I had to resign myself to staying indoors with the camera.

In the end, I opted for an idea I’ve tried out a little more seredipitously once before. I took close-ups of one of my orchids. I love those flowers. And it’s amazing how the tiniest shifts in focus and angle can give you a whole different image to play with…

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Fototrisss 193 – Here, now

It’s time for the seasonal theme again, and autumn is providing plenty of photo opportunities filled with colours and light!

I’m not going to do autumn leaves, though. I’m just going to give you the view out of my window, instead…

Watch this space for more bird shots throughout winter – those birds are hilarious!

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