There’s been plenty of spring-time variety at the bird-feeding today!

The long-tailed bushtits have become regulars…


…along with the blackbirds and the great tits…


…but the siskins (left…) were new customers today!


The tree sparrows and the woodpeckers are returning customers as well…


… as are the bluetits and the coal tits…


… and… oh! Oops…


Well, there’s plenty for everyone! 🙂

The non-chosen

There were more runners-up than the Eric trio for this week’s Fototriss… And since I prepared them, I thought I might as well post the others, too…

One idea was for a trio of funny birds.

And then there was the paticularily posing trio.

And, finally, the option of an all-bluetit trio…

They’re just irresistible!

Fototriss 195 – I like…

… birds!

I like listening to them and I like watching them; and I like helping them prepare for winter.

Incidentally, I also like that their hunger provides me with many nice photo-opportunities on a sunny Sunday afternoon! You see, I like to photograph them as well, in case anyone had missed that little fact… 🙂

Please click for full detail!

Obviously, I also like Coolstuff, who very kindly sponsors a competition this week, held apropos the upcoming Father’s Day here in Sweden.

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