Sunday shots

I was a little sad that last weekend didn’t offer more in the way of brilliant light and crisp winter photo opportunities, but I did a little round with the camera on Sunday anyway. It’s such a drag that the days are still not long enough to allow for daylight photography outside on work days… and no, early mornings are not an option! 😉

Slightly muted winter feelings all around on Sunday…






The dog’s name is Meja and she’s one of my neighbours. The tree sparrows have yet to tell me their names…

Fototriss 199 – Light

Fototriss is closing in on 200 challenges, and Helena celebrates with a double-feature competition – the first part being on the theme of light. Faithful sponsor Coolstuff is again providing the prizes! (And should I make top three, I am *so* buying a Snug Rug for mum! :))

Watching my feather-weight friends at their dining table today, I was captivated by the subtle quality of the late November light. A little pale and washed out, it still manages to catch and lift colours where it finds them. And yet it seems so fragile – the merest wisp of mist or cloud can mute it all in seconds… A challenge to catch, indeed!

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